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5 Things you didn't say before you were a Mum of boys

1. Please don't wipe your nose on me, and you say it so casually because by now it is a regular thing that the little darlings will come to you for a hug and sneakily wipe a snotty nose on your shoulder. Nice. Thank you. By the time they are 2 they will be wiping their snot everywhere, you, their clothes, the curtains, any surface that is within reach pretty much. 

2. Don't wee up the furniture, or on the floor. This is something that boys will do from birth, a bit of cold air when you are changing their newborn nappy, pee in your hair, your face, everywhere. Potty training? Be prepared for wee everywhere, the kitchen floor, up the sofa, the wall, your rug, your bed, his bed, there is no place that won't have been peed on by the time they are potty trained. And it doesn't even end there, from preschool upwards they will manage to pee all around the toilet, behind it, all over the seat that they have neglected to lift up, and when they do lift it up? It is left up.

Jelly Belly Bean boozled challenge

So after watching a hilarious video on YouTube of Charlotte Crosby and her little brother doing this Jelly Belly Bean boozled challenge, my 9 year old son thought it would be a great idea for us to do it. My first thought believe it or not was what a lovely thing to do together, from what I had seen there was one disgusting flavour and one nice flavour so I only had a 50/50 chance of getting the horrible flavours so it wouldn't be too crap for either of us. And as any parent of a child that is 9 or over, you will know that there isn't much anymore that your child will want you to participate in as try as you might, you aren't as cool as you think you are, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity.

How stupid and full of regret am I now I hear you ask? VERY.

The nightly antics of sleep deprived parents

I make no bones about the fact that I am sleep deprived and actually I surprise myself sometimes at the fact that I am able to function like a normal human being, and by normal obviously I mean that I am recognisable as a human and can stay awake all day without falling asleep standing up. Which by any means is better than my husband can manage, if I leave him unattended for just 30 seconds, I will return and he will be sound asleep. This is no exaggeration, I can literally take a phone call and return to the room to find a sleeping husband on the sofa and a toddler standing on the tv unit. Yes, that actually happens, much more than you would think. 

Any parent can tell you the struggle they have with trying to get enough sleep, and everyone has a different story to tell. I don't so much have any sleep issues with my eldest, at 9 years old he will only stay up too late if he is watching YouTube in bed, and in preparation for his teenage years, in the morning he will either sleep in…

Back on the slimming world wagon..

So in true January style, weight loss is high up on the agenda. I am already a member of slimming world and a combination of alcohol, chocolate and lots and lots of take aways over the festive period (and a week either side to be honest) has caused me to gain weight over Christmas, 15lb to be exact. It takes true dedication and much more will power than I possess to stay on plan over Christmas and I succumbed to the temptation of chocolates, calorific beverages and just crap in general. 

I have been back on plan this week and much to my surprise, lost 4lbs on my first week back, which is great and a nice chunk out of my Christmas/December gain. I record everything that I eat on the paper food diary that I grab at group but I also have a separate instagram account where I share all my meals and progress, which you can follow here.

The thing I love about slimming world is that unlike some other weight loss programs, you can eat as much as you like! This week I have enjoyed bacon sarnies, …

The baby has started nursery..

So today my baby started nursery, with his little rucksack and everything. He was adorably grown up looking and at the same time my heart was breaking that my baby is going off to nursery. Because after nursery comes school, and then high school, and uni and real life adulthood, and I am not ready for any of that. I long for more days where we watch Finding Nemo on the sofa and he laughs at me singing the songs from In the Night Garden.

The reality of starting a new term

So it is Monday evening, the last day of the Christmas holidays and it is depressing, I thought it would only be appropriate that my next post be about the pain that every parent is going through right now. You may be returning to work tomorrow after some much enjoyed time off, or you may be preparing for the chaos that is the school run and for normality to resume, as painful as that is. No more excuses for sitting in front of the telly with a selection box (or two) and no more lying in past 9. And probably worst of all, no more sitting in your pyjamas until lunchtime.

Dear 2015...

Dear 2015,

I will be honest from the start, I haven't really liked you much at all. You haven't been good to me, you have pretty much been a bastard to me all year. And while we are being honest, I am glad to see the back of you.

The year started well with news that we were expecting another baby, then the very sad news in May that we had lost our baby at 18 weeks. Our first family holiday abroad cancelled as a result. Numerous dramas of all descriptions, arguments, disagreements, what seemed like one thing after another in terms of bad luck. Work worries, money worries, medical dramas, you name it, we have most likely dealt with it at some point over the year.