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My problem with services in the UK for autistic children

I could write forever and ever about the flaws in the services available to our children with additional needs, and I feel very strongly about the matter as many a professional has had me on the end of their phone, telling them the flaws of their service, probably while they call me all the swear words under the sun (actually I would bet my last pound that this is true). I am sure that in comparison to other families, I have been fighting the battle for services for quite a short time, but we all fight hard for what our children need and moreover, what they deserve. I speak from my experience of services I have fought for my little monkey who is non verbal and has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I will draw on my own experiences and appreciate that my experiences do not reflect that of everyone, however from talking to a range of people over time I realise that many parents and carers feel that services are lacking, and very slow to receive from the point of referral.

Update from me

It feels like ages since I have written some new content on here, so I just thought I would offer a little update. It was been a really busy couple of weeks for us, our littlest man has been really ill with an inner ear infection which has been an absolute nightmare. Not helped by the fact that he refuses to take medicine from a syringe at all. We have been wrestling a 2 and a half year old with the strength of an ox to get some antibiotics and ibuprofen into him, which has resulted in medicine all over him, all over us, and all over any nearby surfaces. He grits his teeth so you cannot get the syringe in and then blows raspberries with pursed lips so it sprays back at you, it's quite an art. However, we are now expert in hiding medication in his drinks and yogurts.

In other news, I went for some interviews last week and was lucky enough to be offered both positions. So pretty soon I will finally be putting my degree to use and getting out there in the world of work. It is a bit ne…

Review: The Peak Edge Hotel, Derbyshire

We booked quite a while ago to stay at the Peak Edge hotel for our wedding anniversary, which is Valentine's Day. We booked Saturday 13th February for one night. 

On arrival, the first thing you see from the road is the Red Lion pub and the hotel sits to it's rear. There is plenty of parking available and they appeared to be installing a footpath to the far side of the car park as there were some building materials there and a timber outline for a footpath. There was a wedding taking place the day we arrived but it was still very quiet, which was lovely to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The hotel is situated in the southern point of the peak district in Derbyshire and is out of the way from nearby Chesterfield, down a country lane away from the main road. It was easy enough to find and when you are close it is signposted well. As you can see from the pictures the hotel is set in hills and countryside, which compliments the hotel with it's natural and rustic…

Mother's Day Wishlist

Mother's Day is super early this year, on the 6th March and whilst I harp on about all the many things that I want (I definitely do this. A lot!), I thought I would get a bit of a list going of all the things I would love for Mother's Day. My children with the help of their Dad are very good at getting me the things that I ask for to be fair to them, and I generally do get what I want.

1. I have been in love with the 'MOTHER' sweatshirts from the moment I saw them and am yet to get one myself. They are available from the Selfish Mother website for £45. There is also a MAMA sweatshirt and a WINGING IT sweatshirt that I also want but one at a time is fine for me.
2. I absolutely love this lightbox from The Kidsfor £29.99. I could take so many cool pictures with this featuring in it, this list could in fact be a blogger's wishlist rather than a Mother's Day gift list. All the better for dropping hints all year round. 
3. I have always taken my pictures on my phone an…

Things to do when the weather is rubbish

I absolutely love it when Autumn arrives and the leaves fall off the trees, it looks beautiful and as a family we love being out and about and going for a walk around the lakes near our home, but as Winter is now in full swing, it is often very rainy and windy and with 3 children in tow, less and less activities are outside so we are constantly trying to find things to do while the weather is a bit crap. 

1. A welly walk - sometimes it is just as much fun to embrace the rain and the wind and pull on the welly boots and take the dog out for a long walk. Living in rural Nottinghamshire we have the advantage of lots of country parks, forests and lakes near us. Sunday tradition in our house is a walk around the lakes with the dog after dinner.

2. Family Games - We have all been at the stage with our children where they have tons of toys and games but are still bored, and that is not because there is nothing for them to do but because they want somebody to play with them. We love playing Mon…

Valentines gifts that make me happy

I read a blog recently on one of fave blogger's page and she says in there that she has given her husband lie-ins all year and so likes being spoilt on Valentine's Day. This really rang true for me, all the people that say they are happy with just each other's company, must be crazy. I mean, who doesn't like being spoilt?! Now don't get me wrong, my husband is great and we do have a great time whatever we do but I do love getting lots of gifts.

I have a double whammy on Valentine's Day as it is actually our wedding anniversary too. This year is our 3rd wedding anniversary. 

1. Pandora

I love Pandora bracelets, this is actually my second bracelet, the first is off getting re-sized. My husband got the original bracelet for my birthday a couple of years ago and has bought me new charms since. I think it is fair to say that jewellery is always a winner for a Valentines gift, and the beauty of Pandora bracelets and charms is that they are completely customisable and pe…