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A letter to my first born...

Dearest boy,

You turned 10 this month (10!! A decade!!) which besides making me feel really old has also made me think about a lot of things. You and I have been on quite the journey together, we have moved house more times than I can count on my hands, you have changed school and we have relocated half way up the country. All the while, you have smiled and taken it all in your stride. 

If I am to be perfectly honest though, I do have a lot to thank you for. I was in year 11 at school when you were born, I finished school at the Christmas holidays, had you in the March and returned when you were tiny to do my exams. Admittedly, I didn't achieve great results but the point I am making is that I could have used you as an excuse to drop out of school and not return, but I didn't. I have you to thank for that because when I became your Mum, I knew I wanted more for us and for you. I didn't want a normal job for a normal wage in a normal house and for us to just plod along. I wan…

Small changes, big challenges

I have neglected the blog somewhat (again) for a while, and as I write this I am emerging from another fortnight of illness, bringing the current period of miserable poorly child to 4 weeks. My little monkey got over his ear infection and then got an infection on his skin in the outer ear so once again we came back from the doctors with enough medication to start a pharmacy, all of which requires a war to administer! More antibiotics, an ear spray and a cream. If I am entirely honest, the antibiotics he spat all over the place and we gave up trying after 2 doses, the ear spray (though traumatic) worked a treat and although monkey hated Daddy - yes I totally made him do the horrible bit so I could have cuddles - it did heal it really quickly. 

Wicked Wednesday 02/03

Popped the phone on selfie mode to attempt a picture of this little monkey for him to just use it as a mirror to pick his nose. Naturally, he wiped it on the sofa.