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The unrealistic body ideals

So, yesterday I saw a facebook post that had been shared with the above image displayed, as Calvin Klein were proud to announce their use of a 'plus size' model. You may be thinking that I have clearly attached the wrong image to this post, but you would be wrong. The model above is a size 10, yes a UK and Australia size 10, US size 6 and european size 38. 
Looking online it appears that the campaign was shot in 2014 and it seems the image has been floating around a while but has been thrust back into the spotlight thanks to the powers of social media, and rightly so. I think we need to discuss images that have been labelled this way, I think that to consider this woman as 'plus size' is to condemn the majority of women to a label of obese. Size 10 is by no stretch of the imagination, a 'plus' size. 
Seeing models such as the one above, branded as plus size, makes me worry for my children and the world they are growing up in. My 10 year old son already has diffic…

The 7 stages of preparing to holiday in the UK

Every year we go away for a little long weekend break with Haven, this year is our fourth year returning to the same park and always find we do the same few things in our preparations. You would like to think that holidaying in the UK would be less stressful and argument inducing than a foreign holiday but I beg to differ. Here you will find our 7 things that we do every year and will probably continue to do so despite admitting to it here in all it's glory!

1. In our house it is the (self appointed) job of my husband to plan our route and decide on a time to leave, that we will never achieve! So he sits there year on year with his glasses and the iPad attempting to look 'proper'. Once he has sat talking to the iPad saying 'Right, ok' 'OK' he will show me the lovely map on AA route planner, always his preference, and announce our planned stops for wee breaks and the stretching of legs. I might add that these stops are generally the same every year but he doe…

I have blinked and it is June!

We are more than half way into June and I cannot believe how fast this year seems to be going, I probably say the same every year but it does feel like I have blinked and lost half a year! We are in the height of sports days, school picnics, dressing up days and all of the other summer activities and random crap that our schools charge us for. Soon it will be the summer holidays where we all start the six weeks with such joy that we don't have to do the school run and then 2 weeks into the holiday we wish it were September already! 

The week before last was scorching hot and I got myself a bit of a tan, then all of last week was rainy and the last few days have been cloudy. I suspect that may have been the British summer and we have missed it now. I am a typical brit in the sense of how much I complain about the weather, I spend all of the cloudy and rainy days wishing for sun and when the sun does come out I complain I am too hot! 

Grey skies and dark afternoons is my view as I wri…

Moving on from the ASD diagnosis

The title was the most appropriate that I could think of, you don't move on from a diagnosis of a disability in the sense of closing that door and moving in a different direction, but everyone in the family has to learn to live with it. Most of all, my husband and I, we have had to do reading and reach out to learn more about ASD so that we can be the best parents we are able to be. We are in training as such, but with the best will in the world, you can read every book, article, journal or research paper, but in all honesty there is only one person in the world that can teach you all that you need to know, and that is your child. Your child's autism is specific to them and although they will display similiar behaviours to another child with the same diagnosis, no two children with autism are the same.