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We must do more about cyberbullying #Pledge2Talk

Internet matters launch their #Pledge2talk campaign today, which is about getting the message out there about cyberbullying. Recognising that this kind of bullying is different to face to face bullying and helping us as parents, recognise it, learn about it and ultimately take action to stop it. 
New research suggests that 1 in 5 parents say their child has received cruel comments online. And perhaps surprisingly 10% more boys has been bullied online about their appearance than girls. 
I thought I was savvy about Internet safety and had told my son about the dangers of the Internet and quite frankly my advice, though good, was outdated and he still was a target for cyberbullies. I warned him about talking to strangers online, told him not to accept friend requests from people he doesn't know or enter into games on xbox with strangers etc. But the problem was, the issues he faced were totally different, it was his online 'friends', boys from his school that he suffered at the…