ASD and sleep

Being a parent is hard work and you lose a LOT of sleep. We have been having a really tough time with our two youngest and sleep, and it has hit a point over the last few months where it is impossible to manage and feels impossible to function. Any tips from other parents of autistic children would be so gratefully received, scrap that, any tips at all are welcome!

Generally Ethan is miserable and unsettled and goes down anywhere between 9 and 11.30 and will be down until morning usually, and he is settling better since we got him a light projection mobile.

Noah on the other hand can stay awake until 7am without an issue. He is prescribed melatonin to help support a natural sleep/wake cycle but quite frankly, the boy is a ball of energy and can fight through his medication. We are restricted on what we can put in his room within reach as he dismantles everything so things like colour changing lamps are a no-go as he would just stare into the light or turn it off.I sometimes think that we must be missing something as it shouldn't be this difficult to get him to settle in the evenings. 

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will only again have 8 hours sleep when all my kids have moved out or when I am dead 😄😄


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